25 March 2015

Classic Car Boot Sale, Southbank Centre

14th - 15 March, Southbank Centre, London.

The organisers describe the show as:
 'the finest vintage fashion, accessories and homeware traders operating from the boot of their vintage vehicles alongside a show stopping exhibit of classic cars, London's finest street food wagons, impromptu musical performances, street theatre and all manner of vintage fun that can be had on two and four wheels'
A very apt description; and while it isn't a big show like Wheels Day, Enfield Pageant etc, it certain;y packs a lot into the small space it's held in. And how many car shows would you come back from with two bags full of vinyl? *looks at empty wallet*

- Amazosan

This Ferrari-liveried Renault Estafette starred in the film Rush, the story of the 1976 F1 championship battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. It's a replica of the Scuderia Ferrari pit van:

Raleigh RSW bicycle and the motorised version, the Wisp:

Is that a sign or an invitation?

'She's so fine, my six-point-nine'

Retina searing Allegro:

Although badged a Triumph, I suspect this bike is a Triton; the tank and frame look suspiciously like a Norton Manx and featherbed respectively:

Jaguar MKVIII:

Humber Super Snipe series I:

'Single to Trafalgar Square and a single malt to my lips please'

Peugeot 203:

Vauxhall Velox PB with small block Chevy V8 and Jensen Interceptor wheels:

It shouldn't happen to a Alvis:

MGA and a really big wheel:

I see ya, Scimitar:

Tiki Type 2:

'Lengthy list of optional extras'

Dolly and her playthings:

The Bentley has enough toys as standard, thank very much:

Nine lives and the Devil:

Lovely Mercedes W108 Coupé:

Paper and 'glass:

Insert gratuitous Sweeney joke here:

Patina'd Tri-Chevy:

The ugly bugs ball:

An FMR Tg500, the four wheeled version of the Messerschmitt Kabinroller, built after FMR took over production in 1956:

Bond Minicar Mark A. The company lasted from 1949 (as Sharp's Commercials, changing it name to Bond Cars Ltd in 1963) to 1969, when it was taken over by their arch three-wheeler rival,  Reliant. The name existed until 1974 on the Bond Bug:

And now, a cavalcade of catering vans. If only more conventional car shows had these serving nosh rather than a bland trailer:

This Morris LC5 is a regular on the south bank:

Austin LD ambulance by Lomas, now a different kind of meat wagon:

AEC Regal (booze) bus:

A collection of Cadillacs: 1958 Series 62 Hardtop, 1954 Series 62 Eldorado, and 1959 Coupé DeVille. A '59 Chevy Impala gatecrashes the lineup:

Is it time to go yet?

Alfa Giulia Spider:

Beardmore MK7 Paramount taxi:

Gorgeous Alpine GTA:

Not the globe-trotting Multipla from this feature; it had a considerably lower mileage:

'Am I too late to get in? I don't take up much space'


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