26 March 2012

1600. With Two 'E's.

It's a sign o' the times when a car that could be bought for a three-figure sum not that long ago is being sold for figures that used to be Porsche territory. Like the MKII Ford Cortina 1600E.
The 1600E (for Executive) was introduced to broaden the Cortina's appeal into a higher market segment than it would normally be sold to. Launched at the Paris Motor Show in October 1967, a year after the rest of the MKII range, It combined the lowered Lotus Cortina's suspension with the GT-spec 1600 Kent crossflow engine and luxury trim, featuring a burr walnut dashboard and door cappings, bucket seats, sports steering wheel and a full complement of gauges. Exterior mods were mostly cosmetic, with a black grille and tail panel, front fog lights and the iconic Rostyle wheels. E's have always had a cult following and it seem that prices are rapidly chasing the always-sought after Lotus models. Here's two examples that graphically demonstrate that point.
Does a 50,000 mile Jersey car appeal at £12k?

Or maybe this LHD, 28,000 mile one French owner beauty is more to your liking? A snip at £11k...
Either will set you back a fair ol' chunk of change, but if you really, really want one, this duo really do look like the best of the breed.

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