27 March 2012

Beach Party 6, Brean Sands

If you've never had the pleasure of dealing with Brian Damaged, believe us, you're missing out. A stalwart of the Retro Rides forum, he lives and breathes cars, and decided to organise a car show to get like minded folk together along with their motors. The Beach Party originally started out as a small  informal gathering of people, but through word of mouth and reputation, it has morphed into a bona fide show, and a fine job he has done of creating an eclectic vehicular shindig.
But this may be the last one that happens; the powers that be may ensure that the beach isn't available next year and Brian has a feeling that he has taken the format as far as he can in it's current iteration. It's a familiar story; like the Chelsea Cruise over the years, it's become a victim of it's own success and relies on the good behaviour of everyone involved to ensure its existence.
We hope that the Beach party continues; Team Amazo would love a day by the beach.

Here come the pics,with grateful thanks to Brian Damaged, Scott Andrews and Spiny.Org

Interesting story behind this '62 Mk3 Zodiac, as Brian relates:
Incredible to think that after some sterling work by Hardcore to save it from going to the crusher, Alan and Scoobypete had it stitched back together and MOT'd in just a month. Only the DVLA dragging its heels over the issue of its original registration number prevented it from making the trip under its own steam, but nontheless it was brought down on a trailer and driven by all and sundry up and down the sand all afternoon.

With grateful thanks to Brian Damaged and Scott Andrews for the pics.

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