7 March 2012

A 1990 Golf Syncro For Sale. With A Twist...

We're a little ambivalent toward 'scene'-driven VWs; they can smack a little too much of follow my leader for our taste without much original thought going on. But there are always exceptions, and we're always open to seeing them.
Thsi MKII Golf is one of those exceptions; its not overdone, the wheel/tyre/colour choice is damn near perfect and the use of an Audi TT dash is inspired. But that's not really what drew us to the car; it's what it has underneath...
Starting with a genuine (and rare) G60 Syncro model; this is like the better-known Rallye but in a standard looking 3 door body shell, add one MKV Golf R32 VR6 lump (good for 250bhp in standard guise) and mate to uprated Syncro running gear on coilovers plus numerous other trick touches to the car. There a build thread on Edition 38 which is well worth a read too.
'Wow, where do we sign up, how much is it?' Well, its on Pistonheads right now at... £16,000. SIXTEEN big ones.
Nice, but £16k nice? Let your conscience (and your wallet) be your guide.

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