16 March 2012

Old MacDonald Had A Farm. Full Of Cars...

With grateful thanks to those fine fellows on the Moto-Scat forum for putting us onto these pics; ironically they don't originate from a car website. The site in question is Derelict Places, a forum dedicated to uncovering abandoned and decaying buildings of interest. Theres no info on where both of these locations are; no doubt to stop the likes of 'us' descending en masse, brandishing large wads of money, but we'd bet dollars to pounds they've both got a very interesting back story. We'll keep you apprised if more details come to light; in the meantime, enjoy the pics.

Rows and rows...

...and rows and rows...

...and even more rows of chickensh#t-covered cars. We know Derelict Places fans love objects in decay, but we want to adopt each and every one of these cars and bring it back to shiny loveliness.


Panhard PL17:

Early 50's Fiat 1100; early 60's VW 1500 'notchback'

Opel Rekord C:

Pontiac Super Deluxe Catalina:

Some more interior shots; Team Amazo is working on make & model:

Some more pics from a different location;

Early 70's Chrysler Newport with non-standard grille; a mid-70's Ford Ranchero next to an early 70's Chevy El Camino:

Late 60's Cadillac Fleetwood:

1968 Pontiac Bonneville:

That Impala again:

Looks like a mid-70's Chevy Nova (we think):

The sun's out, the tops down - but this Pontiac probably won't ever see any cruising:

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