21 March 2012

Maserati Merak Surini Special

This is no ordinary Maserati Merak, that's for sure; we'll be buggered if we can find info on it though. Known as the Surini Special, this car appears to have some very tasty body mods, such as those well-executed flares, shaved door handles, that mean-looking redesigned front and other mods that give the sightly effette standard Merak a whole new level of durezza. The re-upholstered (and very red) interior is a perfect foil for the exterior looks; this is a car that will get hearts beating faster when in close proximity.
More info is available from the dealer selling it (Racing Green Cars), as the description on the ad states:
We are pleased to offer this Maserati Merak SS Surini Special. The car has a very good portfolio, which includes a timeline history showing where the car was originally registered in Italy, and how it came to be in the UK. There are photos showing the car going through its body restoration and having the wider arches fitted. The 15" 3-piece split rim alloy wheels are made by GOTTI,and are very rare.
Can you ever look at a standard Merak the same way again?

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