21 September 2012

Andy Saunders' DeltaWing replica - Cheap Le Mans

The Highcroft Racing Nissan Deltawing. A radical idea made flesh; the idea behind it was to run a lighter, more aerodynamically efficient car than the current LMP1 class (with cars such as the Audi R18), so that a smaller, more efficient engine could be used; the more fuel efficient and aerodynamic a car, the less fuel stops. This car raced at Le Mans 2012 in the Innovative Technology class; sadly it failed to finish due to engine problems, not helped by one of the Toyota hybrid LMP1's sticking it into the barrier. A lot more info about the real DeltaWing here, but the real reason for this post is that someone has built a road-going replica...

Andy Saunders needs little introduction here; builder of more outrageous customs than ####, thats probably why Nissan UK and Top Gear magazine commissioned him to build a road-going replica (based on a Westfield), with the only clue as to dimensions based on pictures, in 6 weeks, then drive it to Le Mans. Don't expect it to turn up on an episode of the show; apparently it was done just for fun.
More info here & here.

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