24 September 2012

Baby Blue Bloc - Trick Kadett D

Anyone who was into the modified car scene in the 90's will surely like this car. A close friend of mine had a MKI Astra GTE with an almost identical front end treatment to this, with the Irmscher spoiler and the polarising twin-headlight grill. He'd rebuilt it from scratch due to the previous owner running it into the ground and it's fair to say that the image of that car has been well and truly resurrected by this baby blue beastie.
This one has a number of subtle little tricks; from the shaved door handles to the Engelmann mirrors, the single wiper, the duo of 45 DCOEs on GM's familiar 20NE engine, the Powertech wheels all add to an image which is very 90's, in the nicest way. hell, squint a bit and you're even knocking on the door of Cal look.
More here; but remember kids, just like Clint Eastwood was told in Firefox, you must think in Russian.
- Amazosan

And in a previous guise:

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