4 September 2012

T.W.O. - Rajmata by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

A lovely little bobber, wouldn't you agree? Don't go looking towards America or the UK for it's origin though; try somewhere south. Like India.

Rajputana Customs is a small custom bike outfit based in Jaipur, in the north of India. The brainchild of Vijay Singh, he started the business in 2009, and as well as building bikes based on familiar Harley designs, also used the Indian-built Royal Enfields (the successor to the original company) as base material, like the one here. And a very nice base they make too; this bike (called Rajmata) wouldn't look out of place down the Ace Café.

Engine is a 500cc Royal Enfield single, with girder front suspension with custom milled hub and spokes for the 21" front wheel.  To keep with the old school aesthetic, there's a leaf-sprung seat pan while braking is taken care of by old-school side drum brakes. In keeping with the image, Singh has also gone to the trouble hand engraving on all brass parts and hand wrapped & stitched leather for the seat, exhaust guards, grips, footrests, and battery box.

Read more about Rajputana Customs here.

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