17 September 2012

Stanced Rover Coupé - The Dog Has It's Day

As one of those most hairshirt of car fans - an R8 shape Rover 200 owner - I've trodden a very lonely path these past few years, attempting to persuade the unwashed car fan to look beyond the HGF jokes and see the potential in these cars.
An R8? Don't you mean an Audi, Amazo-san? Er, no. The second generation Rover 200:

As well as the hatchback and saloon you see above, there is of course a coupé version, like you see below. And bloody good it looks too, even in standard trim. The 'dark and low' treatment also works well on the other models in the range too; imagine the hatchback above with that attitude? Exactamundo.
Shame on all of you Rover-haters; it took a Bulgarian to show the way that a 'stanced' Rover can look this good.
THIS is how I want my 214SEI hatch to sit. Oh yea. Bow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yea.
Read more about this atomic dog here.
- 'ZO

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