26 September 2012

FJ1200 Yamaha-powered BMW Isetta - Bubble Bobble

(Or, Minimi ISO poterant. I'm an 80's gamer, so my choice was obvious. Go figure.)

The germ of the Isetta (Little Iso) can be traced back to back to post-war Italy, when Renzo Rivolta, owner of Iso S.p.A, refrigerator magnate (arf) and later producer of the Iso supercars, started making three-wheeled trucks to take advantage of the dearth of new vehicles. In 1953, Iso debuted the first Isetta, at the Turin Motor Show; while the performance was never going to set the world on fire (0-30 in 36 seconds and a 45-mph top speed), the fact it was affordable meant it sold well.
The lack of speed has been comprehensively addressed by the owner of this BMW Isetta Moto Coupe DeLuxe (the later BMW-redesigned version) in the most demonstrative way - by stuffing a 140bhp Yamaha FJ1200 engine up it's chuff.
That feat, together with an extensive reworking of the whole car to take ten times the amount of power it had when it left the factory, means this really is the Little Iso That Could.
Let us make a journey to the cave of monsters, here.
- Amazosan

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