16 November 2012

1929 Ford Model A Truck - Marine Rod-ology

I love it when I come across a car that (to me) looks 'just right'. The sort of car that needs nothing, that I would jump in a drive 'as is'. It's a bonus then, when I find on said car, a detail that makes me do a double take - like a boat engine.
The all-steel Model A pick-up was a decades -long dream in the eye of Lance Sorchik, long-time illustrator for hot rod magazine, Rodders Digest. When it came time for that finely-detailed dream to became reality, A Mercruiser 3.0 litre 4-cylinder marine engine happened to find it's way between the chassis rails, hooked up to that old favourite, a Borg-Warner T5 'box.
The details on this truck delight: the suede paint, that delicious static drop, the two-tone suede paint, the simple interior, the 'police special' speedometer.
Aquaplane over to here for more details.

- Amazosan

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