23 November 2012

1972 Chevy Vega - InVEGArated

We're pretty sure that if the Retro Rides forum (other car forums are available) was based in the USA, someone would have started a 'Love For The Unloved' thread on the Chevy Vega. They were a popular car to modify in the 70's/80's; the small-block Chevy into Vega/small-block Ford into Ford Pinto was a swap akin to dropping 'our' Pinto engine into an Escort. But in recent years the Vega has fallen from grace; possibly an uneasy reminder to some of a low point in GM's (and Detroit's) history.
But now in a age where old cars are being looked at with slightly rose-tinted 'retrospective' glasses, the maligned old Vega is getting a new lease on life with some new-age V8 tricks. Not so much a wolf in sheep's clothing, more a heavyweight boxer in a wide-lapelled beige nylon suit.
More info here.

She's a purty car, in a 70's econobox way (we're looking at you, Morris Marina, Hillman Avenger), but the real news is under the bonnet. Like GM LS-shaped news.

And as you can see, this is no mega-bucks no-go showboat that just sits and gleams; this Vega was made to hoon:

70's plastics and a strip speedo; who cares when you bury that right pedal in the thin-pile carpet:

Are we the only one that thinks 'hmm I'd love to do that to an 70's BL/Rootes product'?

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