5 November 2012

Cars Of The Blackout - Superstorm Sandy's Wheeled Survivors

From Jalopnik's backup site; their main servers are down because of Superstorm Sandy on USA's east coast. You've no doubt seen what those conditions have done to the populace; compared to the efforts of everyone concerned to get back to normal, cars are naturally a very low priority. The pictures below are a sort of testament to that; not one person is to be seen in shot. Suddenly people's pride and joys are left to fend for themselves.
Ralph Orlove, a regular contributor to Jalopnik, decided to go in search of such temporarily-lost souls. While some might question that his time would have been better spent on humanitarian concerns, you can't deny his pictures, most of them taken in near darkness, with most of the illumination provided by passing traffic, are a little eerie. Lets hope that all of the countries involved - not just the USA; Cuba and Canada are two others that have suffered - make a swift recovery.

Forlorn-looking Lincoln Continental in Lower Manhattan:

GranTurismo MC Stradales hiding in a Maserati dealer, again in Manhattan:

While over the road, a Dodge Challenger contemplates while traffic flashes past:

In East Village: an International Scout, parked outside for Sandy’s worst:

Type 2, hiding in the gloom:

It shouldn't happen to a BMW E3. Or it's owner.

One has to wonder what effect the flood water would have on the high-voltage electrics in a Tesla:

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