28 November 2012

Pontiac Tempest Custom Station Wagon - Storm Chaser

The uninitiated may have taken this for a Pontiac GTO Station Wagon at first glance. Well tough luck buster: Pontiac never produced one. If ever a niche would have long been plugged in today's market-researched, niche-in-a-niche obsessed car world, this would have been it.
But since when does the lack of an off-the-shelf model stop the average car modder? This second-gen Pontiac Tempest has a 455ci Poncho lump under it's GTO bonnet scoop to back up the Goat-wagon toughness, but other than the addition of those American Racing mags and a sympathetic drop, the A-body lines create their own Shakespeareanesque disturbance.
Blow on over to here for the full info.

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