19 November 2012

Street Life - Capri. No Sun.

Now is the time of year where most old car owners put their babies away for the winter, to keep them out of the line of fire of salt sprayers, greasy roads, snow & ice and of course worst of all, dozy twonks in modern cars who suddenly fall off the road at the first sign of a snowflake.
Some brave souls are still gamely using their classics, either through necessity or pride. This Capri is one such case, and maybe one that should really be putting it's feet up 'till the tulips pop out.

It's a 1972 1600 XL auto, with a few tasty period extras; try that opinion divider that is a Webasto fabric sunroof and auxiliary lights for that extra '70's motor factor' touch.

'It Never rains In Southern California'. East London on the other hand...

You've no doubt spotted that this Capri is also sporting an unwanted period accessory - a whole lotta rust. While it's nothing a pair of fresh wings, a shedload of Zintec and a few miles of MIG wire couldn't cure, it always hurts to see what looks like a cherry old Ford with fresh air where Dagenham steel should be. That's assuming the paint isn't hiding other past sins...

Still, who wouldn't want a crack at curing this grand old dame's ills? Not me. Thats why I left my phone number under the wiper. Ohhh. Yeahhh. Like the famous advert once boasted, Amazo-san promised himself one Capri; this may as well be the one. Welding mask to standby.
- Amazo-san

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