30 September 2013

5,000 Mile 1973 Datsun 240Z - My My, Fairlady

How many bog-standard Datsun 240Z do you see these days? By 'bog-standard', I mean standard wheels, with trims only a Japanese car company could get away with in the 70's, although Datsun's UK importer shod 'our' Zs with Wolfrace alloys. No suspension modifications, no triple Webers usurping the Hitachi SU carburettors (but with ugly foam filters, an easy fix) nor bubble arches or other Samurai-type body mods adorn the Albrecht von Goertz-influenced design. They don't need to; you wouldn't think of sullying a Series 1 Jaguar E-type and like the slinky Coventry cat, the S30 wants for nothing looks wise.
Bearing a remarkable resemblance to the 1965 Toyota 2000GT sports car - allegedly created from von Goertz's Nissan design of the same name - the 240Z’s gorgeous looks and serious sports car engineering (independent rear suspension, high-revving straight six engine (reportedly modeled on a Mercedes design) as well as rear-wheel drive, a five-speed manual gearbox and rack and pinion steering) catapulted it to world’s best-seller status. Datsun really dropped a bombshell when it unveiled the Z in 1969 and its still causes a stir now.
This beautiful example on eBay has certainly caused a stir with me; the auction ended recently with the reserve having not been met at $12,600.
I wonder who will get to take the Fairlady home?

- Amazosan

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