18 September 2013

Goolsby Customs 1971 Mustang - Pegasus

Is it fair to say that the 1971-1973 Ford Mustangs are the forgotten Mustang? Personally, I don't see it myself; for sure, the '74-'78 Mustang II is a car that some people desperately want to forget ever existed, but the earlier car seems to be unfairly overlooked by some and maligned by others. In Sportsroof guise, with Mach 1 trim and either the Super Cobra Jet 429ci or Boss 351ci engine, these are seriously fast cars, in a time when emissions regulations were just starting to bite. The car was used in a Bond film (Diamonds Are Forever) too, yet while a certain Aston DB5 hogs all of the limelight, the Mach 1 resides in near-ignominy.
Well not to Goolsby Customs, it doesn't. Project Pegasus was built for local customer Buddy Shores, and the main aim was to bring a some contemprary thinking to the lil' old Clydesdale. The body may look fairly standard at first glance, but a host of changes, including the shortened front end and radically reworked rear window area say otherwise. And that brand new Coyote V8 under the bonnet helps get the message across that this old warhorse is raising the bar for it's kind.
Lean over to here to get the details of this reborn ride.

- Amazosan

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