9 September 2013

Barn-find Aston DB5 - The Anti-Bond Car

From Bromley Pageant last weekend; a 'barn find' Aston DB5 went at auction for £325k and will cost another £200k to restore. I say don't; while the patina was incredible, condition-wise the car really didn't look that bad. As a comparison, it sat alongside an over-restored version, with lustrous paint and chrome wires; I know which one I preferred.
Well to save a couple of bob to spend on y'know, secret agent-type stuff, just do the MOT work and leave as is. Then roll up at the next AMOC meeting in a tweed jacket and leather trousers with an effigy of a certain secret agent hanging from a noose from the rear-view mirror. And wait for the champagne flutes to hit the floor.
The anti-Bond car, if you will.

- Amazosan

'Hello Halfords, do you have a service kit for a W.O. Bentley-designed twin-cam six? Hello? Hello?'

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