25 September 2013

KP61 Toyota Starlet - Amazing Techno Craft Dream Coat

A naked Starlet with curves in the right places and 3S-GE power to back up the looks.
The AE86 Corolla has long since achieved mythical status, but it's little brother the KP61 Starlet has a reputation all it's own. These cars have long been the favourite of hot rod racers in the UK; for the benefit of our US viewers that's circuit racing not 1932 Fords, and it seems that the Starlet is now creating more of a twinkle across the Atlantic.
Take this gorgeous example; ultra-tuff looks courtesy of a PJ Bonifacio widebody kit and phhhat Panasport rims. Motorvation is a second-gen 3SGE 2.0 litre twin cam from an MR2 with throttle bodies and other mods to bring up the gee-gee count to 225bhp; in a featherweight like the KP61 (approx. 1500lb) that equates to a power-to-weight ration somewhere around Dodge Viper SRT10 territory. And a lot more nimble at that.
Get starstruck here.

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