19 September 2013

T.W.O. The RSD Technics Bike - Needle To The Groove

'Two turntables and a microphone' uttered Kurtis Mantronix and MC Tee in 1985; I couldn't tell you what brand of microphone they used, but the two turntables in question were none other than the mighty Technics SL-1200. Two wheels of power and a mixer to control them; translate that into bike terms and thats a powerhouse and two wheels to control it.
Motorcycle designer, Roland Sands, and Nitro Circus madman, Andy Bell, joined forces on a Panasonic Technics inspired Harley Sportster. Roland Sands took cues from the RP-DH1250 Headphones as well as the classic SL-1200 MKII turntables for the design. When the Technics sporty is done, Andy Bell takes it to the desert to push it to the limits. The song in the video on here was custom built from over 100 sounds recorded during the fabrication of the bike by Andy Schmidt to really showcase the incredibly wide range of sounds the headphones are capable of. Doesn't hurt that the 'phones are achingly cool to look at; after all, they take design cues from the SL-1200 platter as do the wheels on the bike.
They could probably hypnotise you if you stare at them long enough.

Photos from the promo filming:

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