15 September 2011

RIP Crown Victoria

Here at Amazo towers we mourn today the demise of the Ford Crown Victoria. lets look back on the career of a leftfield icon.

1955: The first "Crown Victoria" appears; it was a two-door six-seater coupe, part of the Ford Fairlane range, that differed from the regular Victoria model (named after a type of carriage) by having a stainless steel band that 'crowned' the roofline, passing right over the car, as an extension of the B-pillar line. The model was produced in 1955 and 1956.

The name return in 1979 as a trim package for the Ford LTD, built on Ford's 'Panther' platform, which was incredibly used until the end.

1983; chances are if you watch a Stephen J. Cannell creation you'll see these in their droves:



And a Country Squire estate, strictly speaking a Crown Vic as this one has that trim level. Mmm, plastic wood:




A Crown Vic unmarked car from an ep of 24. Looks like Jack Bauer's been watching The Professionals.

And on a slight tangent, a civvie one with an F-150 lightening engine. This one's destined for the Amazo Virtual Garage.


Of course, no feature would be complete without some pictures of the Police Interceptor Crown Vics:

Not to forget the sister cars; the Mercury Grand Marquis, that was phased out when the Mercury badge was discontinued earlier this year:

And the Lincoln Town Car, which went out of production in August this year as part of the winding down of the St. Thomas plant:


I feel it is important to note the closing of the plant where these cars were made. The last Crown Victoria ever to be rolled down the line at the St. Thomas Assembly Plant today. With the Panther Platform being discontinued, over 1,200 employees will lose their jobs. In addition, the future of thousands of other companies in Ontario that supply St. Thomas will be in jeopardy.

The last separate chassis, front engine, rear drive passenger car has just left the building.
Farewell Crown Vic.

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