5 September 2011

Street Life: Call Me A Doctor, This Type 3's Making Me Faint

Most of my recent car related sightings seem to revolve around my car accident. To sum up, my BMW E21 was rear-ended by a Smart Roadster driven by a no-so-smart driver, which resulted in whiplash and an old shoulder injury flaring up. As part of my claim, I had to have an assessment by an independent GP based in the West End of London. This was parked opposite:

A 1969 VW Type 3 Variant, don'tcha know.

Normally I'd run a mile from 'patina', but this car's looked natural:

Roof racks are so overplayed, but this didn't look out of place:

Fuchs 4 bolt wheels from a Porsche 914. A friend of mine has a set on his Type 3 Fastback, I think they really suit these cars:

The sight of this definitely eased my physical pain. Wonder if I can get one on my medical plan?

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