12 September 2011

West Coast Customs 1959 Corvette

Not much info on this, but I saw these photos on WCC's Flickr feed and for sure they caught my eye. Built for (deep breath) rapper, musician, songwriter, singer, actor and producer Will.I.Am of the Black-Eyed Peas, it's a'59 Corvette C1 body on a cutom-made tube chassis with modern-day Corvette C6 running gear. So that means a 376ci (6.2 litre) GM  LS3 lump. The satin trim really looks the part, the interior lees so; it looks to be from the same C6 donor, so looks a little out of place compared to the exterior, but I do like the iPad built into the centre console.
Very restrained by WCC standards, it shows that Ryan Friedlinghaus's company can build some great cars when their clients allow them to.

'A body like yours, Oughta be in jail, Cause it's on the verge of being obscene' 
'I guess I shoulda known, By the way you parked your car sideways, That it wouldn't last'
'I guess I must be dumb, Cause you had a pocket full of horses' 
'Believe it or not, I started to worry, I wondered if I had enough class' 
'But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right, And you say, "Baby, have you got enough gas?" Oh yeah' 
Insert Prince 'Little Red Corvette' lyric here
'Damn, shoulda called rock...'

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