20 September 2011

Section 9 '34 Ford - Evil, Evil Hot Rod

From Section 9 Street Rod Developments; not much technical info but the engine may be a big block Ford, judging by the front- mounted distributor and size of the rocker covers. A purpose-built tube frame and a hefty chanelling job ensure this mean mo'fo' sits close to Mother Earth, and the body features a neat line in windscreen mods.
Mysteries abound with this car; is it airbagged? Wheres the radiator? What's a scrub line? Wheres my one?
Whatever, enjoy the pics and don't have a nightmare about it coming to get ya...

Pics of completed car by Alistair Kershaw of  Akku's World. Nice find mate.

And some bonus build pics from Section 9's website:

How many of you noticed the screen mod?

Now that's channelling, kids...

'Bridge to engine room'

Pip Biddlecomb would be proud.

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