19 September 2011

Youngtimer Vestival, Herten, Sept 11 2011

Coincidence is a funny thing. I was sniffing around these pictures when they popped up on my Flickr feed the other day, then they popped up on a forum posted by one of my Flickr contacts. great minds and all that...

More pics here.

Too much stretch on the back to these eyes, but lovely regardless
Van-based pickup with saloon roof, looks right
Vinyl roofs making a comeback? Hope so 
The first of many Astras, er Kadetts... 
lights on this Capri (Avenger? Metro?) give it a different look
Matra M530 - mid-engined, 1.7 Ford Taunus V4. Sex hips, sexy pout
Did anyone have the heart to tell him it has a Daimler grill? He seems so sure its a Jaguar...
Export or driven to the show? Either way, niiice
Speaking of sexy hips...
Rammed, side-opening bonnet, XE lump and Mercedes wiper - yes. Mirrors and pickup bed? Hmmm. Only in Europe....
Need a Gordini in my life right now
Colt (Mitsubishi) Sapporo convertible. Rare as the proverbial
Lotus Carlton (Omega) engine in this estate? Should have come from the factory like that
Always nice to see a familiar face...
... and another. #hyperventilates#
More Astras. told you.
Round light surrounds came on basic-spec models; looks like a saloon model too
Orion looks fresh from the 80's in white. Cool though
Super-rare Opel Kadett Aero Cabriolet...
...with an engine clean enough to eat your bratwurst off
Targa -topped and Dino-tailed Celica is inspired
Granada Coupé on Revolution wheels. Oh my.
For the T25 in you...
Detailed Scirrocco has BMW projector lights

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