28 March 2012

1964 Oldsmobile 88 - The Venetian

Legendary customiser John D'Agostino built this Oldsmobile (a '64 Dynamic 88) with Val Tompkins in 2004; it was a tribute to the Oldsmobile marque that had just been discontinued after a 107 year run. Its quite subtle for a D'Agostino car, but retains the classic elegance that is his trademark. This really is a time where we're gonna keep the words to a minimum, advise you to drink in the pictures, then click here to read about the car. We'll stay here and stare in quiet admiration the way we always do when we clap eyes on an D'Agostino original.

1 comment:

  1. I owned an original '88 back in the 90's in Oklahoma City. Her name was " Blondina " She had the original brown interior and the big engine. She kept me safe. NO one could get to me, and if they tried all I had to do was point her at them and hit the gas and they ran. A man had started coming by my workplace, trying to buy her from me. I told him no way. So they stole her! I have always hoped that he would crawl under her and she would fall on him. I still miss her