16 April 2012

1967 Dodge Charger - This Old Man, He Goes Fast

The First Generation Dodge Charger, a car unfairly overlooked due to the fame of it's successor's visibility in Bullitt and the Dukes of Hazzard respectively. But lets backtrack over that broken bridge jump and up that San Francisco hill to the First Gen car; this Charger is a looker that need not make excuses for it's existence. Seth Wagner thinks so too; bored of the late model cars he uses at track days (at the legendary Road America race track no less), he decided to have a '67 Charger built with pro-touring inspired underpinnings and a honking 651bhp, 521ci Hemi under the bonnet. And the best thing is, not only does he drives the chrome doorhandles offa that sucka, he's 72, an age where a lot of people are content to suck their dinner through a straw while watching Murder She Wrote re-runs. We at TAE salute you.
Charge on over to here for the lowdown.

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