9 April 2012

Wheels Day 2012

The first 'name' show of the year (with respect to Whitewebbs Autojumble), the 38th Annual Wheels day was held as usual at Rushmoor Arena in Aldershot. After a few years of indifferent weather (and a near-washout in 2010), this year's show was a classic, with perfect spring weather bringing out a variety of cars. We were through the doors early; believe us, you need all the time available to get through it all, what with cars coming and going throughout the day.
Onto the pics...

The 'Belch' Beer Truck was one of many outrageous customs from the Pip Biddlecombe stable, in the late 1970's; it finished to a high standard that was usual for all of his creations. It disappeared with out trace in the 90's, only to resurface on Ebay in 2009, where it was quickly snapped up and once again disappeared, only to resurface in outsatnding restored form.

'32 hiboy on the Trimania stand; a great advert for their services:

Originally customised in the 70's and sympathetically restored recently, this E-type probably gave Sir William Lyons some sleepless nights; must have been like his favourite daughter getting a boob job. This feline has some front.

Another old custom refreshed? Not sure, but it looks the part:

We followed this Galaxie all the way down to the show from London; who needs BBC6 Music with the soundtrack from this?

What a great use of cast iron tractor seats, you might wanna use a blowtorch on 'em on a winter's day:

A princely Minor:

Austin Metropolitan:

Bodywork maestro Rob from The Bunker owns this Corsair; soon to have a Zetec transplant and banded Rostyles:

Just the thing for when the snow next falls:

Like the Capri earlier, the question is: original or homage? This was detail-perfect, from the knobbly BF Goodrich tyres to the sidepipes to the fantastic paintjob and Motown-inspired murals, we couldn't pull ourselves away from it.

Mint green, painted steelies and Guide headlamps; a lovely combo:

Falcon wagon didn't need a thing; perfect:

1932 Packard 900:

Photos don't convey the lushness of the paintjob on this '32 pickup:

The '32s just kept a-coming:

Chevy Thriftmaster panel van packed a blown small block punch:

Chevy C10 panel van:

Loving the light guards on this Bug:

Hudson Model 58 pick-up:

Freaky blown Rover-powered Volvo Amazon:

As seen here: another Rover V8 hiding in the 'CHOPT' FX4 taxi:

Late '40s Chevrolet 3100 pick-up:

Bet no-one expects to see a Ford Modular V8 when the bonnet goes up on this Granada:

MKI Scirocco with quiff-tastic backdrop:

Gorgeous '55 Chevy Task Force pick-up:

Innocent-looking Thames 400E has a Chevy V8 stuffed in it's belly; would be nice to see it go down the 1/4 mile against the Lexus V8-powered camper version thats being built:

It seems all manner of 50's British Fords are being force-fed a V8 diet; this one has a small-block Ford lump:

Super-rare Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon. For when a Type 2 camper is just too gauche, dahling:

Not as much Japanese tin as we'd have like at Wheels day, but it was definitely a case of quality over quantity, as this super-clean KP60 Starlet shows:

Unusual but fetching treatment on this Seicento:

Well executed beetle based Nova kit car:

Wiiide Rover 16:

Originally a Jaguar MKIX:

Subaru 360:

Rims n' stance on this Bora-fronted Golf wagon looked just right:

THAT Panhard:

But not THAT Tempo:

The odd couple. If only cars and vans looked like this now:

Minty MKII Transit:

And now a couple for you military phreaks. An ex-US Air Force Coleman G40 aircraft tug; 7 tons in weight, 4WD, 4WS, 383ci Chrysler V8 - and 30mph. the want factor is high for this one:

Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer armoured vehicle; 2.7 litre air-cooled straight-four engine and all the usual army goodies, like 24v electrics and off-roading ability to dream of:

Super-sano Mazda RX4 with super-shiny Cragar mags:

Carbon wrapped Charger courtesy of the London Motor Museum:

Time to hyperventilate; a replica (?) of the Sox & Martin Plymouth Superbird. the question mark is due to the fact that the original is MIA - unless its hiding in plain sight...

Austin A50-based sled:

Dodge Coronet 440 with great patina...

...another with R/T stripes...

...fifth-gen Chrysler Newport coupé...

...and Plymouth Road Runner. The Mopar squad were out in force.

1952 Ford Courier:

1952 split-oval; beautiful:

Early KG and Karmann, basking:

First-gen Chevy Monte Carlo would find a home in our garage anytime:

1929 Studebaker Commander:

Ferrari 365 GT BB:

Fiat 600 Multipla:

Viva HB, sporting an XE lump on bike carbs - niiice.

Glad to see some clean MKI Fiestas coming out of the woodwork these days:

Morris Marina convertible by W. Mumford Ltd:

Lincoln Continental MKVI. Makes a great Lowrider:

Another inmate of The Bunker; owner just got this steel-bodied A back to base before the rain came:

Lambretta-themed Type 2 with matching 150 LD scooter:

Loved the look of this MG Magnette:

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