11 April 2012

1967 Imperial Crown Coupé - Mint Imperial

It's a little-known fact that Amazo Towers is actually an ex-MI5 building; not only does that make it a bugger to break into, it also means that there are some cool secret entrance/exits for cars. Amazo-san knew this when he bought the building and has been looking for an excuse to buy an appropriate vehicle to drive to work through one. Then this bee-yoooty of a Chrysler Imperial turns up on eBay.
Why the secret agent connection? Well, the car used by Britt Reid in the Green Hornet is a 1965 four-door version, very similar in looks to the '67 two door you see here. The 1967 model was the first to use unitary construction and the last to have styling unique to the model. This particular example has only 41,000 miles under it's white band tyres and has a svelte elegance to our eyes that makes a contemporary Cadillac look a tad tacky in comparison.
At time of press, its up to $9,000 with 3 hours to go, so if Amazo-san is succesful, all he needs to do is import it, get it fully valeted, bullet-proof it and add rocket launchers behind the grill and he'll be all set for London's traffic jams...

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