25 April 2012

Shabby Chic - Faux-Patina'd 1937 Ford Three-Window Coupé

A patina'd car like no other - it's a fibreglass body. Powered by an Ardun-headed flathead V8 - nope, dummy covers on an LS1 lump. and it's a 1937 Ford three-window coupé, a body style Ford never made. A veritable opinion-divider; Street Rodder magazine staff got - wait for it - death threats after featuring it in their November 2006 issue. Now thats just a tad harsh.
So whats so controversial about it? Apparently the fact it's not a car dragged out of a barn, it's GRP, the patina's fake, there's not a flathead in it or a tube axle holding the front up. Hoo boy, some people need to take a quick reality check. Heres's the AE opinion - it's bloody fantastic. Its got the 'look' with turn-key reliabilty; it's had a ton of effort put into it to make that roughness look so authentic, and the fact it's a 'phantom' on two different levels - you can just imagine that this was a '37 three-window, dragged out of some old barn and bought back to life. It's a fraud, but a legitimate one, if you see what we mean.
More here.

Not a real Ardun-headed flathead V8  - these are fibreglass covers on an LS1

'rust' on a fibreglass car - all done by drilling holes and some water-based epoxy to 'corrode' the finish
And thats real metal let into a fibreglass door to give the illusion of a bare metal repair

Here's how the car used to look - just another Boydster clone before it went through the hot rodding time machine

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