18 April 2012

Louis Malle - Humain, trop humain

A fascinating time capsule to view today, especially if you're a fan of 1970's Citroëns.Be advised, they are not strictly car-specifc, but fascinating viewing nonetheless.
Humain, Trop Humain (Too Human, All Too Human) is a French documentary directed by Louis Malle which was released in 1974 .
The shooting of the film was conducted at a Citroën automobile assembly plant in Rennes (where among the various models worked on were the 2CV and the GS) and at the Paris auto show, where Citroëns were among the vehicles on display to the general public.
Throughout the film there is no narrative voiceover and very little recorded dialogue - no explanations concerning what is happening onscreen are provided. The emphasis is not on the product, but on the people performing the work.

"  Human, All Too Human is my only documentary in which there is no comment. The purpose of the film was simply to spend a week in this factory from Citroen, which was difficult because of mistrust of management. "
- Louis Malle

The film’s structure comprises three principal sections, although there are no boundaries or clear-cut transitions between them.

1. The Auto Assembly Process

2. The Auto Show

3. Monotonous.Work

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