20 April 2012

A 2012 '57 Chevy - Cloning Without The Side Effects

A 2012 Tri-Chevy? A brand new Bel Air you can drive straight off the showroom floor?
Well, not quite. Let Mr Fabulous (sitting in for Amazo-san and keeping those unruly whelps known as Team Amazo in check) extrapolate. Or Is that interpolate?
In the US, you can get brand new '55-'57 Chevy bodies and chassis; no poncing about with rusty old tin and 40-odd years of eveyone else's' bodges, just add engine, running gear, paint and interior. This particularly fine gasser example has a 396ci big-block Chevy V8 and Muncie four-speed 'box (hope you've done your gymwork before changing gear, they ain't called 'rock crusher' boxes for nothing); even the straight tube front end is all brand-new off the shelf goodness.
I know, I know, some of you will mutter that it's cheating and its not how the game should be played, but I'd rather be cruising over Chelsea Bridge yonder on a balmy Saturday night in this mean machine than be up to my neck in welding rods and ferrous oxide in a one-bulb garage.
See some hot cloning action with not a sheep in sight, here.

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