16 April 2012

1970 Ford Torino - Fried Green Tomato

Like the First-gen Charger in the previous post, another criminally overlooked shape thanks to the exploits of a certain red-with-white-stripe '74 model car in Starsky & Hutch (from the ugly '73-'76 range). The 1970 range was arguably the best-looking of the breed; the coupés and convertibles are fabulous-looking devices in particular with the droolworthy Cobra models the stuff of idle daydreams (the Talledega models, developed for NASCAR, are a subject for another day).
Mark Bowler's fine example started life as a GT, a two-owner car with 61,000 miles. The car was given a Pro Touring makeover, but with a twist - an automatic gearbox. Y'see, Mark runs Bowler Performance Transmissions, a company dedicated to custom-built, performance-oriented Ford auto gearboxes for the person who doesn't want to 'row his own', so to speak. And like with the Charger, this car gets used, as the pictures attest; no wonder the paintwork was kept all original.
Learn more about this grand Torino (sic) here.

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