2 April 2012

Digging In The Crates: Martin Lundblad's Pro-Street BMW E21

The BMW E21 - a car saddled with the unfortunate moniker of 'The Forgotten BMW, overlooked for the longest time in favour of it's 2002 predecessor and E30 successor. Thankfully, things are looking more rosy nowadays, as values are rising (which pleases Mr Amazo no end, as he has three) and there are some cracking examples being built.
But back in 1998, the E21 was worth little more than junk value to most, which is why Martin Lundblad decided to get extreme with his example (his first car no less) rather than be forced to scrap it. Engine is a 350ci small-block and the rear is tubbed to fit fat rubber and a 9 inch Ford axle.
We know of another example being built in the pro-street style; it does suit the cars well and ensures the Forgotten BMW lingers in your memory long after its blown your doors off at the lights.

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