27 April 2012

McLaren F1 - Designing A Supercar

"The Bugatti Veyron is a giant waste of time"

Thought that would get your attention. before you accuse us of being certifiable, we didn't say that (certainly thought it a coupla times to be sure, but hey). Gordon Murray did. And if anyone has a right to utter those words, he does, as he designed the McLaren F1.

Dear Veyron, Up Yours. Sincerely, McLaren F1
To be honest, we know where he's coming from. Sure the latest iteration of the Veyron (the 268mph Super Sport) is the fastest production car on the planet and will probably hold that title for the foreseeable future, but the effort in getting that extra few mph over the McLaren F1 (242.95mph with the rev limiter off, 231mph with it on) meant that the original 16.4 version (253.81mph) was held back in development for several years while VAG engineers (remember, Volkswagen own Bugatti) added myriad detail improvements - and a whole lotta complexity - to the package; the end result which while being an incredible feat of engineering, doesn't have the purity of design that the F1 does, almost 20 years on.
But don't take our amateur word for it; watch the documentary below about the making of the F1. An hour long, it is a must watch for any disciple of the wonder from Woking.
It may have been surpassed, but the McLaren F1 is still king of the supercars, in our opinion. And unlike the Veyron, doesn't share parts with a VW Golf...


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